Costa Rica

Going Beyond the Scenic Beaches of Costa Rica

Enjoy going to notable locations and beaches in Costa Rica with services from Costa Rica Deluxe Vacations. A variety of fun activities await you on your vacation, from saltwater fishing to scuba diving, and even golfing. There are many beautiful Spa Resorts available for your enjoyment with active tours available nearby. Just sit back and relax, we'll take care of your travel itinerary as well as your hotel bookings. You can also enjoy the following activities during your vacation:

Canopy Zip Lines | White Water Rafting | Hiking | Fishing | Spas | Scuba Diving | Many Activities Available

What to Expect from Costa Rica

If you dream of going to a country with rich culture and beautiful seascapes, Costa Rica is the perfect place for you. It's also an ideal place to spend a romantic honeymoon with your significant other. When you come to this country, you will meet warm and friendly people, and sample delicious Costa Rican cuisine, you can eat the food and drink the water, almost anyplace in Costa Rica. We know where to send you, and where not to send you. It's a safe country where tourists are always welcome. Don't forget to visit the following places during your stay:

Wildlife Reserves and Parks | Historic Locations | Exciting Volcano Tours | Fun Treetop Canopy Tours | Nature Lovers Paradise

Offering Travel Packages

Trust our experienced agents from Costa Rica Deluxe Tours & Travel when it comes to arranging your dream vacation. Our agents exclusively books tours and accommodations in Costa Rica. From arrival to departure, they plan and arrange everything for you. To learn more about transportation services in the country, you can discuss your options with us, we can arrange drivers from private or shared shuttle transfers, airfares in Costa Rica, and International. We also offer international air transfer arrangements with our packages. Just browse through our website or give us a call for more information.

Travel Requirements, Allowed Items

To come to Costa Rica, all you need is a passport. You don't need immunization to travel here. Please note, however, that our company only serves clients from the United States and Canada. Costa Rica allows travelers to bring the following items whenever you fly in or fly out of the country:

Two Liters of Liquor | Chocolate | Coffee | Cigars

Currency and Money Exchange

Colon is the national currency of Costa Rica and it has a current exchange rate of 570 colons per U.S. dollar. Since this is subject to change now and then, you can call your local bank to know the exact exchange rate. If you purchase currency ahead of time at the bank or in the airport, you will typically pay a 10% to 20% premium. You can have your dollars exchanged at your hotel. However, local businesses prefer American dollars instead of Costa Rican Colonies.

Using Credit Cards

All major credit cards are readily acceptable in Costa Rica. Please note, however, that credit cards add an additional 10-20% when you make purchases in the country.

Climate and the Ideal Time to Visit

Costa Rica has two major seasons, namely: dry and green season. The dry season, which runs between November and April, is the most popular time when tourists flock to visit. The green season, on the other hand, runs between May and October, when you can expect up to four hours of rain in the afternoon. There are many days that you do not get any rain, however. July and August are dryer months during the green season. The Northwestern Guanacaste Region is the driest part of the country.

Picturesque Terrains

The landscapes in Costa Rica are mountainous in the central part of the country. The northeast portion of the country is flat and marshy, extending eastward to the Caribbean Sea. The South Pacific is known for the Corcovado Rain Forest's Biodiversity.