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La Paz Cloud Forest & Nature Reserve
Combo 3 Tours in 1 Day

Go to Poas Volcano, Doka Coffee Plantation,
La Paz Waterfall Nature Reserve Tour & Lunch

This tour offers you a much closer experience.

Your informative guide will transport you to Poas, if open, one of the four active volcanoes in Costa Rica, and impart to you the knowledge of the creation of Costa Rica via these sleeping giants. The crystal blue sulfur pools will amaze and enthrall you as you view this incredible landscape. Once you’ve had your fill of the beauty that is Poás, you will head to another of Costa Rica’s trademarks: an authentic coffee plantation. As one of the oldest hydro-powered wet mills in Costa Rica, this third generation coffee plantation has been voted the best coffee in the region. In fact, 90% of its high quality coffee is sent directly to Starbucks. You’ll learn how coffee is grown, picked, milled and ground. We may even find a basket for you to pick a few beans, or "cherries" as the locals call them. Find out first hand, or "cup", why Costa Rican coffee is so famous. And if you don’t get filled up on the coffee, you’ll go in time for lunch at La Paz Waterfall Garden

La Paz Waterfall Reserve 3 hours 30 minutes.

One of our trained staff will guide you through the trails of Waterfall Gardens. Every step of the way they will impart information that you might otherwise miss (things that aren’t in the tour book). This will be your ultimate Costa Rican experience of flowers, butterflies, orchids, hummingbirds, Cloud and Rainforest, snakes, frogs and waterfalls. The tour offers the history and ecology of the area and interesting aspects of the construction of Waterfall Gardens. A true behind the scenes guide to Waterfall Gardens.

Bird Aviary and also largest Butterfly Aviary in the world, Animals, Cats, Plus more to see